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After spending close to $2,000 to upgrade my system (see my other thread if interested) it's became time to critique the upgrades most important apsect - sound.

I know what the OEM BA6 system sounded like. It was just OK. I added the Chrysler kicker stealth sub a month ago, and it gave the overall sound a bit more punch, but it was now just a bit more than OK.

Now my system kicks butt (at least to me it does). It's hard to just critique the CleanSweep, because the upgraded sound is also due to the complete system changeout after the head unit and BA6 amp that I did (all JL Audio: 500/5 amp, components in front, 6x9's in back, 12" sub, 1-farad cap, dynamat). All together I now have the sound I was looking for yet still keeping the UConnect/NAV integration.

The CleanSweep/Summing Unit is the key to the whole system. Even though I've read the negative comments about the CleanSweep - no EQ, no customization of sound at the CleanSweep, I can still say it does its job admirably. the CleanSweep/Summing Unit allows the 500/5 to process what my ears perceive to be a clean signal. I hear no noise using the CD or my iPod on the auxilliary input. The Sirius sounds way better than before, although signal quality will always be an issue. Even the UConnect sounds clearer as does the NAV.

I can't compare the CleanSweep to the other comparable products on the market that I've read about. And sound is personal to each of us. Some like the ability to tweak each input signal, so in that case the CleanSweep may not be for you. Yet, contrary to what I've read, you can use the EQ on the OEM to adjust things, and you can use the steering wheel volume control if you so desire. To get optimal sound, you just return OEM EQ to -0- and volume to where it was calibrated (and recalibration is not necessary if you change things). I'm entirely happy, so of course i give the JL Audio CleanSweep/Summing Unit a big thumbs up. :fing02:

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Agree 100% with everything you wrote. I went a different route
as it didn't seem that I needed any interface such as the cleansweep,
or similar unit.

Basically, if you are going after the amp (as in your case), the cleansweep
is perfect.

However, if you are going before the amp, the cleansweep is overkill.

The stock radio in these cars has an extremely flat extended frequency
response and very high level.

Since I didn't have Nav or Uconnect it was very simple for me to wire
in a normal LOC.

For fader and some additional EQ, I put an AudioControl four.1 in the
little pocket under the AC controls.

So it seems any problems with the sound in the car are with the stock
amp and downstream.

Very good writeup on the cleansweep, and while there are other
units now, I'm completely thankfull that the audio vendors now
recognize that not everyone wants to replace the head unit in
today's modern vehicles.
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