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Easy, my friend. :) That's not the issue.

It's best to not take your friend's words out of context. ;) It was the tightest, twistiest, sections that I've referred to. The more the race is a drag race, the more it tilts to the favor of unmodded 6.1Ls. But the more the race is an autocross, the more it tilts to a totally responsive, superbly suspended, 5.7L.

The tighter the twisties got the more the inherent throttle & tranny lag that only goes away with chips and GSM mods, coupled with a less capable suspension, turned the tables in favor of the perfectly performing and better suspended 5.7L vs. the laggy, in both engine and transmission response, less sure-footed, but more powerful, 6.1L.

My car (not ME, but my car) owned the super-tight twisties. Sorry you weren't in position to observe it. By the the time we were in the really tight stuff you were several minutes back, and not privvy to seeing the show.

I look forward to our next outings. I'll be highly pleased to see firsthand the performance gains you realize from your new mods. And the Hotchkis/KW combo is absolutely must mod for both you and Chris, IMO.
My shocks are shot how much are your parts? I'm going to Vegas the 28th who is KW I want to order their kit.

[Edit-never mind I should have known from the way you described your performance how much they would cost. Can't afford them.]

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This is mostly for Meister, but also for anyone else in the know.
I'm an injured combat Marine and am relatively new to the "300 Scene" with a new (for me) 2008 Chrysler 300C AWD that is fully loaded, Dark Metalic Titanium in color, and only 52,000 miles (when purchased). It came with Foose 20x10 wheels and Toyo 275/40/20 tires (that I think the offset might be wrong on as my new brakes barely clear... without the cover on). I have, since my purchase in December, either installed or had installed:
Wet Okole Hawaiian Seat covers
Diablo Sport t-1000 Tuner
PowerStop Street Warrior brakes with high performance calipers, drilled/slotted rotors, and silicone DOT 5 fluid.

and have on-hand ready to install:
KW V2 Coil-Overs
White-Line 32mm 2-pt adj frt / 18mm 2-pt adj rear anti-sway bars (only good ones found for AWD)

Problem 1... With my injuries I am very limited in the "climbing under the hood" category, but also can't afford a lot of mechanic's expenses as I only get military disability now.

Problem 2... Instead of Hawaii where I grew up... I am now in Oregon going to college (after only a 33 year break from school) to learn a new career that I can maybe still perform... to hopefully become a somewhat productive person again. I don't know hardly anyone here... especially anyone that know anything about the fabulous 300's.

My request is... Is there anyone in Oregon (or comes this way) that would be able to help give me some direction on my build? and/or maybe some help getting my car set up so that I can enjoy it properly??

Thanks in advance!


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As somebody said earlier on this forum, referring to both John Hennessey's superb pricing and the world-class performance of the KW Variant 2 coilovers - RUN, DON'T WALK to get a set of these on your ride. I'll second that, particularly if greatly improved handling and safety is anywhere in your priority list.

Teamed up with Hotchkis Sport anti-sways, these KWs are truly the ultimate suspension mod for the LX Hemis. The install was finished Thursday night, and I have since put approx. 700 demanding, highly-spirited, miles on them.

The performance results from the combination of the KWs and the Hotchkis bars are remarkable. The term CARVE now has clear and precise meaning. And gone completely is the nasty steering wheel kick all too common with our stock suspension and stock ContiSeals when encountering a bump with the suspension loaded.

They are the match, and more, of the SRT8 suspension - no little praise - a point demonstrated at both high speeds and in super-tight, gnarly, twisties. At traction limits in high G turns the car remains flat - I was unable to intentionally induce body roll.

Basic city manners are improved also. One killer speed bump near my residence was barely tolerable at 11 mph with my stock suspension. A test run at 15 mph with the KWs showed much less pitch and rebound, and was significantly more comfortable than with the stock suspension at 20% or so less speed. Transiting uneven surface heights and textures at an angle no longer requires steering wheel input to maintain course.

My settings:
Springs: Total drop: Rear 1 /1/4", Front 1 3/8.
Rake: 1/2"
Rebound damping: Front: 2 turns, Rear: 1 turn.
Alignment: I split the difference between Hennessey Performance recommendations for fastest lap time, and factory settings. Toe-in is zero.

On my car these settings are so near perfect that I'll not be changing anything anytime soon - I'll merely be enjoying the tremendous refinement to handling and responsiveness.
I just picked up this same setup
Can I ask about 2.5turns?
From where?
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