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Ok I finally have been driving my SRT and have over 500 miles. I have a early build and had to have the dealer flash in the launch control feature, which went fine. I tried it yesterday for the first time and it worked as it is supposed to.

So my question is what actually happens when LC is used? I know the holds 1850 rpms until the brake is released. But what is the car actually doing? It is more than just an rpm hold. When they flashed it in, they flashed both the engine and the tranny modules. And the car is not fighting the forward thrust like it would if LC was not engaged.

I am going to take my guess, but any info would be appreciated:

I think the engine computer limits the rpms (pretty obvious). But I also think the tranny limits the torque converter engagement to lesson the amount of braking required and also to prevent a constant burnout prior to releasing the brakes. Once the brake is released, the tranny lets go and tries to modulate wheel spin (although the wheels do spin). What do you think?
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