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One of the very few gripes I have had in my 13 years of owning my 2006 300C is how it catches and stores a lot of leaves and crud in the area below the rear windows glass. Cleaning it out is no fun so I decided to see if I could seal it up and keep it from getting so nasty. Here's my solution.

link to EZ LIP on Amazon:

I ended up cutting it into three pieces but likely could have kept it one continuous strip. I attached it with the built in sticky strip to the underside of my trunk lid and it seems to work very well!.
It was a very inexpensive way to fix the problem and I am so glad that I did it.

You can see it with the trunk open but not at all when it is shut. it's been over a month and the area below the glass is now spotless where in the past it would have been filled with wet leaves and already starting to turn green.


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