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Lifter Valves and Transmission

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Hello All,
Firstly i would like to say how much i enjoy this forum. I read all the post and have learned so much form you all. Now i would just like to share with you a problem i had. A few months ago i started hearing this knocking sound from the engine after a few visits to the dealer they finally figured out that it was the lifter valve. After changing the lifter valves no more knocking sound. So if any of you experince this make sure to check the lifter valves. Now for a question i have a 300 touring (i know not a c but still a great car) from the first day that i have the car when engine is started cold and drops to idle speed and then put it into foward gear it gives a push foward as if hit by behind. This happens whent he car is first strated. When the engine is warm this happens but very rarely. I would like to know if anyone has ever had this happen.. The dealer reprogrammed the tranny but still the same. By the way what does it mean that the transmission shutters (read all the posts about water in the transmission)

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Thanks for the info Gary345. I guess i'm not the only one. The car runs great but the hard jolt is pretty annoying and a little discomforting. When i showed the dealer he told me that there was nothing to do that everyting was ok with the transmisson. I hope that there is some kind of fix for the jolting. If anyone else has had this problem and had it corrected please let me know.

So far no shutter or shaking for the transmisson (8500 miles) i guess it would of happened already if there was this transmssion problem. I may be a little paranoid.
I wonder why only some cars have this problem with water in the transmission? my built date is Dec 2004
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