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Long Island Meeting Was Great

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Well, today I had an incredible time out on Long Island . Met up with CoolVanilla (Scott) and BigBob, both of whom live out there. It was an hour trip for me early this AM with the birds, but WELL WORTH it.

CARS CARS CARS is the only way to describe this. Everything from 32 hot rods to old and new vettes, vintage and new GTO's, 40 fords, 50 and 60's Chevy's, vipers, mustangs, MOPARS galore, GT40's old and new, cobras, bikes---ENDLESS.

I followed an Austin Healey on a tube chassis with a blown small block chevy motor in it. We toyed around with each other all the way down an eight mile road on the way to the beach lot. The last mile he slammed it and it was hyper space, leaving me in a vapor trail.

It was a good day all around There were 2 other LXers An R/T Magnum 6.1 and a new Charget R/T (both black). Couldnt get anyone else to show though. This thing happens every week, weather permitting!. I got there at 7:00am and there were already 9 cars in spaces staking out territory.(???) About a half hour later I knew why. Cars by the dozens pulling in., ockeying for space--vette guys putting cones down to save spaces for other vettes, etc etc etc.

Pics are great. The experience was UNREAL

CoolVanilla Chasb BigBob


Scott CoolVanillaC


Chasb Black on Black beauty

CoolVanillaC Real NICE

BigBob AWD Silver PRETTY

Charger R/T

Vintage Superbird



Coming out when leaving I end up next to a nice 55 chevy with two HUGE four barrels sticking out of the hood.

Eveyone apparently races (no mater who or what) on the way out, and there is a HUGE crowd at the ramp onto the 2 lane road (which runs about 15 miles straight as an arrow. This guy sounded like the summer nationals next to me.

Off we go-he hole shots me by about a half. I catch up to him at 60 and we proceed to stay flat out neck and neck until I hit 115 and got off it. He throws me the thumbs up and keeps going straight out and I hit the u-turn a hundred yards later to come back to New Rochelle. What a rush.

(I'm sure he was playing with me)

Only thing is I left ESP on and couldn't do any burnout first like everyone else.
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About the Long Island Mob meet

[/IMG] ..... Yes the day was a blast! the best part was to meet two good friends Chasb And CoolVanillaC,I did not get to race like Chasb but I did pass a seagull. The day was perfect except.....well I guess you all know what happened if not my thread about the recall on my Chrysler product should explain everything. P.S. also I gave up coffee!
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Who the heck is Vinny Pastory? I don't watch much T.V., but I live this crap everyday,if he need's some pointer's let him call me, This is a set-up because it sound's like B.S. Call my attorny!!
Also besides the messsage I sent you check out a good friend in Freeport, it is called Dynamic Performance, tell him that Big Bob, @ Crest Hollow sent you
Road Trip ?

Well the Jewish holliday's are comming and there might be a chance that I can take some time off. If the L.I. Mob can do it , let's go to the Carolina's and say hello to our brothers in the South. This could be an "aniimal house adventure"...... should we bring our wives ????
The Rabbi said that he is sorry that he cut you [email protected] want's you to go with Big Bob @ Chasb to meet the brother's in the south.
Nothing to see here please go to the next post!
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