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Loose seat bolt and radio ticking noise

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Hi all,
Had the new Vanilla 'C' for about 15 days now and the whole family digs this ride. All has been well except a seat bracket bolt left loose on the passenger front side (I could fix it, but I feel Chrysler should fix it and make a note of it if there are any future problems). The whole seat assembly will move since there are only 3 out of the 4 bolts still there--very safe. Also, soon after we got the car if you turn the radio all the way down with the engine off, you can hear a slight periodic ticking noise coming from the stereo system (SGII w/nav). Has anyone had a problem like this? Regardless, the car is I just have to figure out what I want to mod first on this fantastic car!
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That ticking noise you hear may be the DVD nav system accessing the DVD disc. I've heard the same thing and it just sounds like a muted DVD drive to me, also I've been able to hear the cooling fan in the nav system as well running....
I too have noticed the ticking sound. Don't have the NAV unit, so that's not it. Makes the sound with the radio on or off, so long a the key is in ACC or ON. Is VERY low level, have to have the car in the garage with no one in the house. Can not tell if it does the tick with the engine on, so I never gave it much concern.
Does the ticking noise exist when the radio is off or turned down? If so, then you might be experiencing this:

If it makes you feel better, my car stopped making the noise at around 6000 miles. The noise was really annoying but it has definitely gone away.
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