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This morning I was unable to open the door locks with the key fob, rear lights didn't flash like they normally do. I opened the door the old fashion way using the key, tried to start the 300 and it wouldn't start typical symptoms of a dead battery, no interior lights etc...

I tried again a couple of minutes later, and everything worked fine, car started up. The power up window feature quit working. I checked the manual and it stated this feature would be lost, if there is a "power disconnect." Easy enough to get the window feature to work.

I took a look at the battery and "rear power distribution center" box. I noticed the positive (red) cable that runs from the battery to the "rear power distribution center" box was not tied down with a nut at the terminal in the "rear power distribution center." The cable seems to be mounted in someway, because I couldn't move it. I don't think its melted into the plastic, but it could be. Before I call the Dealer Service department, has anyone noticed if a nut is used to lock the cable to the terminal? Has anyone heard of this problem? Kinda think I have a flaky battery or connection. I did re-seat the fuse and relays in the front and rear power distribution center's.

Thanks in advance
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