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2006 Chrysler 300 srt8 with 38000 miles. I am listed as the 3rd owner but the original owner gave the car to his daughter, which made her the 2nd owner. I purchased the car with approximately 33,000 miles in 2019. It was originally purchased from mack grubbs Chrysler dealer in Mississippi. The car was traded back into the same dealer. The car was garage kept from 2006-2019. All recalls have been completed. I have had no issues with the car except the front end clunk noise that these cars are notorious for which I have since fixed. In the last two years I have changed the following:
Tie rods
Front struts
Sway bar Bushings
Control arms
Stabilizer bar link
180 Thermostat
I have also had a custom tune by johan utilizing ————-. He is a well regarded tuner. A quick search in any dodge or Chrysler forum will reveal that.


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