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I assume this is munted. How much work is involved in changing them out? Seems like you can buy a pair fairly cheap but will I need spring compressors and whatnot to do the job?

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If you're not buying MOOG or OEM frpm mopar, you're wasting your money. The whole front suspension on the 05-10 are junk! They re-engineered them bcus they were falling apart. Iv'e had my 05 since 07 and I've changed them twice.

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I'm looking at Rock Auto mostly because I'm in Australia and the local parts availability / knowledge of Ebay sellers is not what it should be (admittedly, a 300C down here is not a common vehicle). Rock Auto were the only place I could find that had the right water pump I needed, so I figure they will be a safe bet for suspension parts although if anybody has other suggestions I'm all ears as the delivery time will be weeks.

From this link I'm currently looking at the Dorman arms, which appear to be mid-priced (i.e. not the cheapest ones),2006,300,5.7l+v8,1431865,suspension,control+arm,10401

Rock Auto have 3 different categories: Economy, Daily Driver and Premium
None of the cheap options include the ball joint which is unsurprising.
All prices are in Dollarydoos (um, AUD) single item, probably 2 required although the drivers side looks OK I'll replace it anyway.

Lowest priced part is from Ultra Power at $33.72 Probably best avoided.
Quick Steer is $45
Mevotech "original grade" is $56
Dorman without ball joints is $77
Dorman with the ball joint is $84 <-------------------- I am here

From "Daily Driver"
MOOG is $77 (no ball joint)
Delphi is $88 (no ball joint)
Mevotech "supreme" is $103 (upgrade part, no ball joint)
MOPAR is $258!!!! with a ball joint which I hope is using rich corinthian leather instead of a rubber boot.
(although these are $263 at Summit Racing - thought I would check there to see if it was for a pair but apparently this is the single price).

I can't see a listing for the correct ball joint so I'm a little concerned about springing for the Mevotech "supreme".
edit: Yah, I didn't see the ball joint section. Ranges from $9.84 up to $84 for a Moog adjustable one.

Has anybody got a strong objection to the Dorman with the included ball joint? Alternatively a local company "Pedders" apparently made a replacement part but their website is not useful.
My apologies. I thought you were in Canada. You're not missing anything special when it comes to Mopar control arms. They only give you a year warranty here in the U.S. and they didn't perform any different than the moogs I replaced. I hope you find your parts. Everything is getting really expensive or hard to find.
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