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A sunny Hi from Sweden!

I am thinking of lowering my Chrysler 300C 2.7 l Touring 2006. The car is produced/assembled i Austria/Europé. I have looked at some threads here concerning this matter and got the impression that MOPAR has a lowering kit for the 300C, but my local Chrysler dealer here in Sweden has informed me that there are no such kits available on the market (?).

I am not searcing for an extremely low look, more like the hight of a standard SRT8. The main reason is to get a more stabile ride.
Does the parts from the SRT8 fit on my car? And in such case what parts, except from springs and shocks, do I need to Exchange?

The car has the NIVOMAT rear shocks, does any type of shocks fit or is there a different interface for the stadard shocks?

Can anybody recommend a Company in e.g. the US where I can procure a suitable kit?

With best regards


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Welcome to the forum, Bo.

Any of the kits for a V6 car (Eibach, Hotchkis, KW, BC, etc...) will fit your car. You may not find a recommended kit for a 2.7L but just understand that the suspension is basically the same on your car as any other V6 and V8 car.

SRT suspension will fit your car if you choose to go that route. Nothing but the springs and struts need be replaced. If you can get a set of SRT swaybars that would be a bonus.

Any suspension lowering kit, either springs only or a coilover system, will require you replace the Nivomat shocks in the rear. Good replacements would be Bilstein or Monroe brand shocks.

As far as who exports these kits, I cannot advise on a particular firm. You will probably have to send inquiries through different vendor's websites to ask about that.
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