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HHP was one of the first retailers to offer the Jet Performance Products module for the Chrysler 300C's. In addition, we have also been the first to release the new Jet TBI Spacer. We want to make sure you know about our special offers and discounts just for forum members. We don't need to price match because we are the lowest. Just use the following promotion codes to receive the best prices around.

Here's the promotion codes:

Jet Performance Modules:
Stage 1 Modules, #90404 (5.7L HEMI), #90407 (6.1L SRT- or #90405 (V6), $227.00, promo code: LXFST1
Stage 2 Modules, #90404S (5.7L HEMI), #90407S (6.1L SRT- or #90405S (V6), $235.00, promo code: LXFST2

Jet POWR-FLO TBI Spacer for 5.7L Engines:
Throttle Body Injection Spacer #62139 for 5.7L, $102.95, promo code: LXFJTB

These prices are all before the shipping fee of $6.95 is included and these prices are only good for shipment within the Continental US. The Stage 1 module is for stock 300C's and the Stage 2 module is for 300C's with mods like aftermarket exhausts and intakes.

To contact HHP with questions regarding this item, please pm Joshua (HighHorseman in the forums) or email [email protected].

Thanks FROM your friends at!

6 Posts
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To help you decide which module is best for you, here's a Q&A list we put together FROM our communications with the manufacturer:

Q. Does the module affect the transmission, shift points, etc.?
A. The only thing it does for transmission is lightly affect the line pressure which results in a slightly crisper shift

Q. Does it lift the governor or raise the top speed?
A. No it does not change the speed limiter

Q. What else does the module change?
A. Module changes ignition advance and pulse width of the fuel injectors. This improves throttle response and overall hp and torque.

Q. Will the V6 (#90405 series) fit all V6 engines the 300C comes with or just the 3.5L engine V6's.
A. At this time we have only released it for the 3.5L

Q. Where does this chip install on the 300C? Location? How hard is it to install?
A. The computer is located near the passenger side firewall in the engine compartment. It takes about 15 minutes to properly install if its your first time, after that no more then 8-9 min. It plugs inline between the computer and harness so just a matter of plugging in. There is one dust cover that needs to be removed using a flat head screwdriver to pop it off.

Q. At what point do you need to upgrade to the Stage 2 module?
A. Easiest way to put this is. Use stage 1 for a everyday driver that may or may not do other performance mods and will usually use midgrade(89octane) fuel. Use stage 2 for the driver that has already modified his exhaust and maybe his intake and will ALWAYS use 91 or higher octane fuel.

Q. What is the correct Stage for you?
A. Depends...
If you only plan on putting in a hi-flow filter? Stage 1
Only an aftermarket intake? Stick with stage 1
Only a cat-back? Could use stage 2 if going to use the good octane fuel.
You have no mods now but want to do the stage 2 module as your first mod then down the road you want to put on an intake and exhaust? As long as you get the exhaust changed within the next 500 miles it will work like a charm any longer then that and it will just run to rich.

We hope that helps!
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