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On march 30th, there will be a LX get together in Fairfield, Ca at 2501 Martin Road. Will be free food, lots of fun, demos, inspections, etc. Here is a post of some of the stuff we will be offering. this came from this forum's charger post:


The Fairfeild event is still on for the 30th, which is Sunday. This will give those of you the opportunity to do the Goodguys on Saturday. Sunday at the Goodguys is not much of an event. have been there for years. I will be there to meet all of you and say hi. Is there a area that all of you will be at??

FINALLY, I have a LX product for all of you to roadtest. Today, I just finished 1 of 2 training LX installs that I will have done before the 30th. The first one, a Hemi 300, turned out fantastic. Our inital test drive with 17-18k miles with 18 inch OEM tires, felt very disconnected in teh bacvk end. A tuypical feel for the LX produc t when pushing it hard. Felt like the rear had "orbital steering" This means you go thru the twisties, and the rear feel like it is traveling not vertical, but in a oval. this is primarily due to the lack of performance design on the rear cradle mounts. Plus the body role was significant.

We installed a TRACK II system, which is basically all springs/shocks-struts, and alsmost every bushing in the entire vehicle; about 30-32 of them. Plus on top of that, we installed a custom made, tuned front and rear adjsutable sway bar that is made specifically to complement our Track II system. Our system also makes the front and rear complete adjsutable alignments front and rear. This system goes WAY beyond anything that is out there now. Do not take my word for it. I can arrange a test drive for you to prove my claim

Now that I have some parts, I want to do 1 more TRACKII system to someone on this forum who is very active in the forum. This will be my 2nd training vehicle that I personally supervise to certify the shop. You will get 50% off parts and labor for this install.

This would be your obligation:
1. Must be at the event to show off your car
2. Must be willing to give a test drive or 2 if asked so guys can experience your control and handling.
3. Must be active on the forum
4. Must give a very accurate and honest experience and description of the before and after driving.
5. the week of March 24th, you must allow us to have your L car for 2-3 days, strating sometime between the 25th, and the 28th

Why am I doing this? The Track II system is a very complciated install and will take 2-3 days. For me to certify the shop, I want them to do 2 of them uncder my direct training and supervision, which is one on one.

Go to the pedders web site at: Pedders Suspension

then go to solutions, the Chrysler, and scroll down to look at the Track II system.

If you still are a skeptic, I can arrange a private road test so you can see and feel exactly what I am talking about.

We can set up your alignment for drag racing, road racing, street performance. Our system allows lots of camber adjustability front and rear. Drag racing is set up quite different that road racing or auto crossing. Also, did I mention our sway bars are adjustable front and rear??

So go ahead and be a skeptic. Challenge me to a verifying road test with our first Hemi 300. You will not beleive how good it is.

So if you are interested in being my second training car, email me and we can chat

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