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MAGNAFLOW 3" High Flow cats / 3" cat-back

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400 rwhp ... so close but then again 397 is not so bad :)


MAGNAFLOW 3" CAT-BACK p/n 16642 / 3" HIGH FLOW CATALYST p/n 16420

Here are the numbers you have been waiting for:

Stock Baseline: 377 rwhp / 378 lb-ft
MagnaFlow 3" High Flow Cats: 386 rwhp / 389 lb-ft
MagnaFlow 3" High Flow Cats / 3" Cat-Back: 397 rwhp / 400 lb-ft

MAX HP gain: 24 @ 5300 rpm
MAX TQ gain: 25 @ 4700 rpm

PEAK HP gain: 20
PEAK TQ gain: 22

Our Cat-Backs tend to produce 11-15 rwhp (conservatively with others seeing up to 20) and the MagnaFlow High Flow Cats produce another 7-8 rwhp on their own. The combination nets 20 SOLID rwhp and across the entire curve. I'm sure additoional testing would have netted a 400 RWHP number but what is 2.2 rwhp :)

Thanks again to Chris (Cbutler32) for dropping by to have us faciliate the install and dyno. He was more than patient while we worked on our next TV appearance filming here at the MagnaFlow Tech Center but hopefully he was entertained while getting to observe the entire installation and testing. From the smile on his face when he was here I'm sure he's enjoying the ride home.
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Those are great numbers!!


PS: Want to build us a 3" X-pipe to fit that narrow pipe seperation of the LX cars?? I want one.
It is worth noting that Chris's car is very healthy on the baseline test. That is probably from Chris's extensive use of the loud pedal as the PCMs do adapt to your driving a bit. Good job Chris!!!

One thing, just a little knock on the results, the 397rwhp number is from that nice little spike just before 6K rpm. What is the RWHP number before that spike?

All cars respond to dyno's differently. My Magnum SRT8, for example, on that exact same dyno did over 10rwhp less on the baseline(stock) pull than Chris's car. My car was much lower milage at that time and I hadn't had time to really drive it, but it shows how different numbers can be vehicle to vehicle and mod for mod. If you note my sig you will see that my post Magnaflow cat back numbers put my Magnum SRT8 about just a tad higher than Chris's 'stock' baseline pull.

btlfed1500 said:
BTW - I can always rely on Todd to play the :evil: Devil's Advocate :silly:
I will be nice if you build a Tru-X that fits our SRT8s easily ;) . If you build it, you could test it on one of the SRT8s coming in for LT headers and then sell it to me if you don't like it :D

I have to admit that I find it interesting that the 300C SRT8 is averaging higher than the MSRT8, as the Mag RT seems to average higher than the 300C from dyno's that popped up over the 1st year or so. I am very curious about the Charger SRT8 as I would expect Dodge to 'tweak' it, if they where going to tweak any of them.

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