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Magnesium - tough to keep clean

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For you Magnesium owners, how tough is it to keep clean? It's a darker car, which leads me to believe it might not be that much better than the beautiful black to keep looking marvelous. I'm curous about dirt, swirls and scratches. All insight is appreciated, thanks.
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The Magnesium does not show dirt or swirls anywhere close as bad as black. I traded in a black BMW and the Magnesium is much easier to maintain IMO. The Magnesium is not as eye catching as the Black but it is a nice color.
I finally got my car nice and dirty yesterday driving in a sunny california rain storm. The car is filthy. I just looked at it in the garage and it looks unusually dirty. Probably because the dirt has not been entirely washed off the roads yet. As the winter wears on there should be less dirt/dust on the roads. At least that is my theory :rolleyes: .

Since magnesium is more of an earth color, brown dirt blends better than other colors. So you have to stand at different angles to see the dirt show.

I have had my magnesium for about 3.5 months and there are no swirls/scratches. I hand wash and use microfiber towels. There are some rock dings that show up on the finders. I bought some touch up paint and will try it out after winter is over.
I wish they had a Taupe/desert silver/champagne/bronzit which are not only beautiful (unless too gold like Volvo) but THE easiest color to keep clean. A buddy has a Mag and says it's not bad dirt wise. Avoid swirls by claying the car as not to grind dirt into the finish when waxing.
No swirls of problems on my Mag C... whe it's dirty, the color is ugly, I mean, ugly. But when it is clean and polished, holy lord, what a pretty car! Get the Magnesium, it is unique without being too bold or blah! I love it!
No matter what colour you choose, the 300 is such a beautiful car, most owners seem to go to great lengths to keep their car lookin' good.

Pick the colour you like best - and enjoy.:)
I agree with NorthernRider,
I wash mine so much people say I'm going to wash the paint off :) I have Cool Vanilla with mudflaps, she get dirty too but that's 1 more excuse for me to wash her!
All colors are beautiful IMO.
I bought a Pacifica (gold) for the winter; I have 1600 miles on it and never washed it. The car doesn’t look bad. The 300C (black) bugs me to death if there’s a blemish. I don’t know if it’s color or perception.
Mine got the dirtiest it's been since I bought it 'cause of the rain out here. After having a black ML320, there is no comparison. I was pleasantly surprised how will it held up. But, after the hand wash today..well...
No swirls on my Mag. C. Had a black truck and too hard to keep clean. Lots of comments about the magnesium color and its my grand nieces favorite color now too. I think they just like to say magnesium. I find it turns from sort of a blue to green depending on the way the sun hits it!
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