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Hi All,

I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 5.7 V8 with about 230K miles on it.

My fuel pump went bad and I recently replaced it (about 2 weeks ago). The tank was nearly full when I replaced it, and everything seemed fine for the next week or so.

Today, I filled up with gas, went to leave the pump, and there was a huge puddle of gas on the floor on the driver side. I put in 11 gallons, and it was around 1/8 of a tank when I filled. The car has a 19 gallon capacity, this 11 gallons should not overfill it (I think?).

I checked under the rear driver side seat where the fuel pump is, and everything looked dry and fine. I looked under the car, and you could see a steady stream of gas running down the plastic and dripping down on the driver side. I'd estimate around 2 gallons of gas drained out.

I turned the car on (without starting it) and the fuel gauge read as 3/4 full. It didn't seem to change from there when it was leaking.

I was scared to start the car, so I pushed it over to a nearby parking lot. I was still leaking when I pushed it, although it only seemed like drops though at that point.

I have had recurring issues with the purge exhaust valve, and it is possible the gasket to the fuel pump went on wrong (although I doubt it). It has never leaked this way before (to my knowledge).

Anybody have any ideas what this could be? Is it a fuel tank replacement? Is it a leaky purge valve? Is it a leaky fuel pump gasket ring? Any suggestions on what to possibly check so I can diagnose this is greatly appreciated.

I will be back to the car later today and will re-inspect everything.

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