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hey guys i might seem stupid or insane or both but i wana switch my 4 gear att to any manual transmission is it theoretically possible has anyone ever done it before?

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If you have a 300C, then your transmission is a 5 speed auto, not a 4 speed

I don't recall anyone here ever doing that, but theres no reason you couldn't
if you found a good shop, and a maunal trans that would fit, and be geared

You would need to modify the console, the floor board under it for the
shifter, and the firewall where a clutch pedal would go thru.

You would have to add some type of brace or brackets up under the dash
to attacth the clutch pedal assembly also.

You would need to mount a properly sized clutch fluid master cylinder
for it also.

You would also have to get someone to re-do your computer controls for
all things that the current trans hooks to, or operates.

You might also have to get a new driveshaft, or have the old one shortened
if the manual trans housing with clutch linkage is longer than the auto trans
you have now.

Also, you would probably have to put some type of manual trans torque arm
in there somewhere, to keep the trans from twisting to much in one
direction and giving you vibration, and driveline troubles.

With all that, plus the cost of the manual trans, the installation, and the
cost of modifiying your car and computer, this type of mod will cost you well
into the $5000.00 range or more I bet.

But it would be cool to see it done.

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