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Im really interested in making my pretty baby a 9 second car. Lets talm all the eays to maximize power and speed without dropping my weight. I have done a bunch of bolt in parts such as full exhaust from headers back, intake, camshaft, torque converter, diablo trinity and new 275 nitto tires. I plan on some forged pistons and a supercharger as well as changing my differentials and eventually moving tires up to 315's.

1.) Now first topic, engine swap. Larger engine. Or aluminum forged or what? I have seen many of you moving to a 426 and some to a 440. I love that idea, but my mechanic troy in vancouver wa says the 392 is probably the best choice. Opinions? Seems to me theres no replacement for displacement.

2.) How much boost can i run with this block (im going to get forged pistons) and how much could i run with other blocks if i were to swap? Im looking for power and speed above all else.

3.) Differentials or posi locks. Any experience? What ratios have had the greatest success?

4.) Engine cooling methods. I have heard talk of a small electric fan in there. What else we got? ram air hoods?

5.) I dont wanna do anything visual to my car. I would be willing to change out some stuff for lighter components as long as i could keep the look the same. Like a carbon fiber hood if i hade a wrap so it looked stock. What ideas do we have here?

5.) Weight distribution, anybody have experience distributing weight to the back tires some crazy way? Or at least pressure for better traction? How costly would it be to hook some all wheel drive up? Benefits? Cons?

6.) I am open to all ideas, no matter how dumb or spendy. Its some other idea atleast. Nitro methane? Nos? Im actually open to nos.... lets hear all the crazy stuff

7. The thing im most interested in is engine swaps and how much boost can be run Safely. I really want to get this bad bitch under 9 for the quarter
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