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Waited 17 months for my Conti's to wear out and finally get new rims and tires. Conti's driven 13.4k miles, and have a little life left in them. Pic is posted below.
Rims are MC2's forged RT15, with 255/45/20 Toyo's. Price was $2,395 plus $86 shipping, although price has since increased $300 after MC2 was acquired by Forged Wheels Products.

Weight of rim/tire is 57lbs.
Per the Toyo website, the Toyos are 33lbs, so the rims are 24lbs.

The used Conti's weigh 52lbs. Others have posted the Conti's were around 55lbs to 56lbs, so my used Conti's must be about 4lbs lighter because of the tire wear.
Per this website, 32.6% of the tires weight is tread. I believe the Conti self sealers weigh around 32lbs and the stock rims 24lbs. So loosing 4lbs from tire wear looks reasonable (32lbs x 32.6% x 38% tire wear=4lbs).

I have been a regular complainer about the 300c's bouncy and cabin shock-ridden ride. The Toyo/20" combo has slightly improved the road shock transmitted to the cabin when driving over bumps/holes.
The rebound shock from bumps is quicker and shorter, which is good.
The car feels more "nimble" over bumps/holes/imperfections, and at high speeds. Up to 126mph, there have not been any vibrations at any speed, or during braking.

On the downside,
the road/bump shock transmitted to the cabin is still there, and still more than I prefer. Road noise is also louder. I also feel more of the road's imperfections, which might get tiresome over a long trip.

Overall I would say the new rims/tires didn't change the ride as much as I was hoping for. But they are better, which is going in the right direction.
I got Hotchkis sway bars in my back seat, which hopefully will get installed on Tuesday (it has been an adventure finding someone able, willing, and/or qualified to install them)
After the sway bars, it may be on to the KW's coilovers.


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I have the Hankook Ventus ST RH06 in 275-40-20. Really smooth and quite wheel with super grip of course and a ride much like OEM without the float. Got all the way up to cut-out playing with an Audi S-4 had no issues. Im sure the S-4 was suprised when I began to pull away.
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