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MDS and oil?

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I've read a bunch of posts - here, on Edmunds, and other forums - regarding the multi-displacement system and oil. But I haven't seen an explanation of how the two are related, even after searching, other than a passing mention that one of the criteria/data points in the MDS logic ladders might be the oil pressure. I've seen people advising for/against synthetics, etc. because "it's critical with MDS."

My questions: Does anyone have a definitive answer on how oil selection directly relates to the MDS? For example, if the dealer installs the wrong viscosity, how does the MDS "know" this? Is there a "viscosity sensor" somewhere related to the MDS?

I'm confused... :confused:
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My concern was less about synthetic versus dino (I've read all 24 pages of the "sticky" thread on THAT topic - I should not have mentioned it in my first post, and I apologize :wave: ), but more a curiosity about HOW the MDS "knows" that the engine is pumping the wrong weight/viscosity.

If you use 10w30 instead of 5w20, is it the pressure difference at a specific RPM that mucks up the MDS engagement? And, if so, providing that there's been no coking in the passages, when you swap for the proper weight, does the MDS come back "alive?"

Not at all trying to go against the umpteen manual / TSB references - just wondering WHY they are so adamant about it? Is it "once you use 10w30, your MDS is dead as a hammer for the rest of your life?"

Hmmm.... :33:
Thank you!!

joey - Thank you! That's exactly the information for which I was looking, and about which I wanted to learn!

Really appreciate the link and the lead - thanks! :wave:
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