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MDS and oil?

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I've read a bunch of posts - here, on Edmunds, and other forums - regarding the multi-displacement system and oil. But I haven't seen an explanation of how the two are related, even after searching, other than a passing mention that one of the criteria/data points in the MDS logic ladders might be the oil pressure. I've seen people advising for/against synthetics, etc. because "it's critical with MDS."

My questions: Does anyone have a definitive answer on how oil selection directly relates to the MDS? For example, if the dealer installs the wrong viscosity, how does the MDS "know" this? Is there a "viscosity sensor" somewhere related to the MDS?

I'm confused... :confused:
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MDS disables the hydraulic lifters. There would be small passageways/tight tolerences. I'm sure it would be oil pressure sensitive.
I think it's really much ado about nothing. It wouldn't surprise me if you put in 20-50 and it still worked. I remember something about when they were developing these engines. They tested them for something like a million or 10 million miles or so, under all kinds of harsh conditions and decided on 5-20. Lots of other cars today also use 5-20 because it's thinner, there's less resistance, therefore better gas mileage.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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