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MDS On/Off Switch

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Now that I have done my MDS "On" Indicator light mod.,
and my WOT fuel mixture control mod.,
I am thinking of hooking up an MDS on/off switch so I can get better control over MDS operation. I am still researching the hook-up, especially the way it may afftect the PCM, if at all. Anyone with ideas, pros/cons, potential problems, etc. on how to implement this mod., please put your two cents worth in. Will it even work??
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dbonser said:
I'm also interested in disabling the MDS but for another reason. Maybe, just maybe, I'm being totally paranoid but I wonder what effects MDS will have long term?

My thinking is as follows: 4 cylinders are always in use while the other 4 are not always in use. So, 4 cylinders will always have more wear and tear than the other 4. I'm just wondering at what point will half of my engine will be 'worn out' while the other half is still OK.
What basis do you use to conclude that the wear is different (pistons and all other "rotating parts" still rotate and all else "works" as usuall - just no "fire")?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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