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MDS On/Off Switch

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Now that I have done my MDS "On" Indicator light mod.,
and my WOT fuel mixture control mod.,
I am thinking of hooking up an MDS on/off switch so I can get better control over MDS operation. I am still researching the hook-up, especially the way it may afftect the PCM, if at all. Anyone with ideas, pros/cons, potential problems, etc. on how to implement this mod., please put your two cents worth in. Will it even work??
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Cheaper than therapy

frank29 said:
I just can't visualize how deactivating MDS would help performance.
It's called wild, adult-choice, freedom from control, exhilarating swim naked with the sharks FUN

No point in being alive without it:


frank29 said:
I think you missed my point. The full power of the Hemi is available whenever you want it. Deactivating MDS would give you no additional performance.
I apoligise you are correct I am still jet-lagged after a 12 hour transatlantic + trans-Canadian flight :eek:

Watch out for more goofy posts - more goofy than usual that is :p

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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