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I bought my 2006 300C CRD in 2009 and since then, the memory seat switch didnt work. I didnt pay attention then, because I thought that it was a tiny problem. But, now it came in my attention, when I took my car at the dealer service with another problem. The outside mirrors went crazy, when I tried to position them. Also, the windows had some minor problems, when I tried to open them, the move wasnt fluently. The dealer said that the door module could be the problem, because it controls the mirrors, the windows and the seats. They told me also that the memory seat switch didnt work, but if I will change the door module, all will work. I bought it and it wasnt the door module!!! Got a little nervous and I left my car about 10 days at the Chrysler dealer and they solve the mirror and windows problem. The wires got split in door hinge area and they replaced all the damaged cables. But they couldnt solve the memory seats switch. I bought it, its on the way to me, but somethings is telling me that the switch is not the problem.
Now, let me explain whats wrong.
I position the drivers seat, the outside mirrors, the steering column, the pedals and the preset radio stations.
Then, I try to set it into memory. I press S button, then 1 button, but nothing appears on the EVIC, like it should. The EVIC must confirm the settings, like „Memory 1 set”, but no confirmation message.
But when I try to change the mirrors position, the seat, etc. and after that, press 1, the seat go crazy, backwards, reclining, etc., the steering column go up, the mirrors move heratically.
So, anyone got a clue?
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