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I have a metallic grinding/springy noise coming from the front o/s wheel area.
The strange thing is that it only makes that noise after having driven some considerable distance (50+ miles).

Yesterday, for example, we drove from Deal to Epsom and it started just over half way (only very slight noise). When we drove back in the evening, it was really quite bad by the time we got home.
This morning... nothing. No noise at all. This is the second time this has happened.

Also, I can't hear it when I am driving at 40+ mph, but only when going slower. It is not brake related, since it does not come on when braking. The brakes are not binding either.

Since the car has now done nearly 120k miles, I am thinking it may be the bearings.

The car is booked into the local garage on the 23th, when they will take the wheel off and have a better look. Already been there once, but they only put it on the ramp and could not see anything.

Any thoughts anyone?
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