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MOPAR Six-Pack Hood Scoop?

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Found this through browsing through links over at the regarding hood scoops....
Ive been looking for a hood scoop for sometime for my 300c (please hold the criticism) and havent come up with anything. RC was talking about producing one, but I dont think that was ever a go, so the endless search continues.
Found this one, but idk how it would look on the car, perhaps someone can try and photoshop it for me?
Im worried about the scoop fitting over the raised "rib" in the center of the hood, and looks like this scoop would accomidate it with minor modifications, but correct me if Im wrong.
Please let me know what you think, heres the link
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As for the two tone paint. There is a dude that drives a signature in my area that has a very nice two tone job—with black on the bottom and silver fading in on the top. I didn’t think I would like a two toner, but this one is very well done. I like how there isn’t a sharp line between colors-if that makes any sense.
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