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I got a Corsa Sport system when they had a rebate in April. Installed it easy enough even without a lift. I'm surprised by how light the system is compared to stock. Sounds great too.

Upon startup I noticed a rattle near the back end of the X pipe where it touched the rear cross brace. It went away when I drove but came back at certain speeds.

To solve this, I removed the rear cross brace and put extra washers & nuts to space it away from the floor pan, then reinstalled all four nuts and the brace. This allowed a little more than a quarter inch of clearance between the X pipe and the cross brace on either side.

Took it for another drive and no more vibrations or rattles. But now I'm wondering if structurally there is any risk to using spacers to keep the cross brace away from the floor pan. How important is the rear cross brace, structurally? If it's not a good idea to do what I did, is there a better way?
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