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My D'Vinci Wheel Story

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Well most know my now "OLD" wheels, they were D'Vinci Havoc XL 22x9.5" +15 offset. I ordered them with an optional "painted center" and it took 4 months to get them. I was aware that these were a 1 piece cast wheel. When I got them they looked great but after a week or two I noticed the paint "chipping" at the seam where the chrome met the paint. I brought it to the attention of Discount Tire (where I purchased them), and they agreed it was an issue that needed attention. Well we sent them back and after a month of waiting they arrived with one of the fake rivits missing (actually was torqued too tight and the tip broke off) on one wheel, another had a good size dent in the side of it, and yet another had paint chipping already. Discount Tire called D'Vinci and explained the situation, they had the nerve to say "once they are painted there is no warranty". Discount was not aware of this and proceded to reason with them. There was no reasoning, Discount tire just took them back and ordered another wheel for me (more on that later). If anyone is thinking about D'Vinci I would think again, thier customer service is hoorible, they passed the buck and dropped the ball. I feel for Discount because they will probably eat the wheels cost but have to give them huge props for taking care of the customer.

I recommend everyone purchase wheels/tires from a local reputable shop. Can you imagine the nightmare if I had ordered these from an on-line shop?

Anyways bottom line I am now waiting for my new wheels, yet again. I ordered Asanti AF118 w/ POWDERCOATED centers, these are actually a 3 piece forged wheel that will allow you to coat only the center portion. I am excited about the Asanti's but not about the price. I guess you do "get what you pay for" with wheels...
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Sadly, I guess you do get whatcha pay for with wheels. At least Discount Tire is taking care of you. Asanti takes a lot of pride in their product, you won't be dissapointed. Don't forget the alternative we discussed. ;)
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