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My nightmare detail job

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This 72 Corvette was a nightmare to detail. (mostly my fault) He had a luggage rack on the rear deck, it needed buffing under the rack and the only way to get that done was to remove the rack, it came off fine. However when I went to put it back, that's when the problems started. The set screws that are recessed in the body fell into the black hole inside the car. I went to a harware store and luckily they had something similar would work, But lining up the son of a *%$#@@$%^ took me 2 hours of frustration. The holes had to line up perfect or else the screws would not set. That's what I get for trying to go the extra mile for the customer.Finally got it on, then when I was backing the car up, I burned my leg on the headers and got 2nd degree burns marks, could not wait to get this one out the door. The other car is a rare Aston Martin DB7, the original James Bond Car. Gary

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I stand corrected the orginal James Bond car was a DB5, you guys are posted!!!!Gary
Hey, you don't have the flame throwers on the side which is a plus., and as long as you know I won't remove the rack, I'd be glad to detail it. Gary
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