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My two Maisto 1:18 300C diecasts arrived today

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Hello Gang,

Just a quick note to say that I have 2 new additions to my diecast collection this evening. A few days ago I ordered two of the stock version (no "bling") Maisto 1:18 scale "C" diecast models. I ordered the Bright Silver Metallic and the Brilliant Black Crystal versions. I know that there is a version in DLR, but at the time I ordered these, the DLR was out of stock. I am hoping that Maisto will come out with more color options for the "C" models. Personally, I am hoping that they bring out one in CV to match the 1:34 scale from the BA/Gift Gallery offerings that are out there, as well as the 1:1 version of my actual car that is sitting in my driveway. Even though I don't have a HEMI in my actual car, I'm still happy that I have "the" car, period! I have been waiting for these models to be released since January. (When I go up to the Philly Auto Show, I usually bring home a few of the 1:18 scale models that stands out to me.)

It's nice to see a company bring out something that really looks good.

For the record, the front doors open, the hood and trunk both open, and the steering turns.

I ordered mine from Exoticar Model Company, if anyone is interested in ordering from them.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto
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nice! this week I also received my 300c toys I ordered from the USA.
I ordered a set of jadatoys and the maisto "bling" playerz. I removed the front and rear spoiler with a screwdriver from the maisto playerz and now the car looks much better!
here are a few pics of the "playerz" with front and rear spoiler thingy removed:


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