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My two Maisto 1:18 300C diecasts arrived today

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Hello Gang,

Just a quick note to say that I have 2 new additions to my diecast collection this evening. A few days ago I ordered two of the stock version (no "bling") Maisto 1:18 scale "C" diecast models. I ordered the Bright Silver Metallic and the Brilliant Black Crystal versions. I know that there is a version in DLR, but at the time I ordered these, the DLR was out of stock. I am hoping that Maisto will come out with more color options for the "C" models. Personally, I am hoping that they bring out one in CV to match the 1:34 scale from the BA/Gift Gallery offerings that are out there, as well as the 1:1 version of my actual car that is sitting in my driveway. Even though I don't have a HEMI in my actual car, I'm still happy that I have "the" car, period! I have been waiting for these models to be released since January. (When I go up to the Philly Auto Show, I usually bring home a few of the 1:18 scale models that stands out to me.)

It's nice to see a company bring out something that really looks good.

For the record, the front doors open, the hood and trunk both open, and the steering turns.

I ordered mine from Exoticar Model Company, if anyone is interested in ordering from them.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto
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Yet another replica which fails to replicate the actual car.

When the hell will these type people get with the program and put true to life details (chrome mirrors, etc.) on the C they are purporting to recreate?
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