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ok ive been on this board for ages .. and i must say i love it :)
ive had my Csrt8 since last march and i know my self within time i kinda need to do something new to my car to love it even more .. so i decided to go with wheels and a new paint job and add some Forced induction not to mention play around with the interior a little .. when i say interior i mean Billet technology and Vip if they ever release that carbon fiber bezel , not the kind u shove on with a 3m tape no the real deal of replacement :)

anyways that was my introduction .. here is what i went through for the past couple of days ..
- looked for wheels
- asked for u guys to share ur opinions .
- went through hell to pick the right set .
- tried my best to squeeze out money for a set with tires ..
- not to mention waited for ages to get some replies from vendors and online sources on desired wheels ..

so there is a local shop that deals with Ebay since ebay only accept Paypal and national visas ( im located overseas)

i went to them and told them... hey i need those wheels which only came up to 2200$ which is around 600KD ( kwt Dinars ) and guess what they quoted me for shipping .. another 2500$ just for shipping :( what am i supose to do shoot my self or just rob a bank :/ ii seriuosly feeeel like shiiz right now .. and ive called my friends to see what can be done i just want wheels asap ..

Till i rememberd that there is a local distrubtor of TIS and drop stars ... paid him a visit and asked him about TIS 07 and if i can get any in stagg fitment .. he will let me know by tomorow .. so fingers crossed and i will be searching if they actually make them in stagg fitment which i highly doubt ..

il keep u guys updated ..

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