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navigation on back order

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so i took my c in to ARRIGO chrysler in west palm casue my joystick broke. its been three and a half weeks and still no call. I call every week and get a different story. the last on that thye told me is that they have to order the navi's from a company called star and that they are on backorder and they have no idea when they can get one. I have no problem with this if it is true, but I went to a diferent dealer before and they said i could get it in a week. only problem is that that dealer is in a different city. I'm sure some of you gota know something about where they get the navi's from so if you could pleae help me out it woul be appreciated.
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I suspect that Chrysler is no different than GM or Ford when it comes to warranty replacement of this type of electronic unit. They don't replace them with "new" ones, the company that reconditions the units for Chrysler probably is backordered.
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