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Need brighter back-up lights!

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Does anyone know if there is a brighter bulb substitute for the back-up lights? I don't know why I never noticed it before but when I left my meeting this evening from a home that had no outdoor street lighting, I absolutely could not see the car parked behind my C after putting it in reverse. At first, I thought the back-up lights weren't working but my friend said they were on. I now realize they are not nearly as bright as my previous vehicle. When I arrived home, I parked the C in the garage, put down the door with the garage light turned off, and then put the car in reverse. The reflection of the back-up lights off the garage door was not very bright yet it is not an issue of dimness. Hmmm...

I would appreciate your suggestions.


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Try a search and youll find more than what youre looking for.
Spyder lights has LED lights availble, but recently people have been purchasing these other LEDs for about $20 each.
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