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All, the driver's armrest on my wife's 2011 300C has cracked and I prefer to replace rather than repair. I purchased a replacement which only comes in black, and it needs to be dyed with the leather "paint" that is available. The dye process is simple. Getting the correct color for this vehicle is a nightmare.

The car is a blackberry exterior with mochachino interior. The trim code is "ALL9". I think this was a limited production combo.

I have purchased several different colors that look like it from color charts for 2011 (various shades of frost beige) for the dye and tested. None of the ones in any of the color charts comes close to matching. I contacted Chrysler customer assistance and they said go to the dealer, or mopar parts. I contacted the dealer and they told me "mochachino", which tells me nothing as the car is two-tone (at least). Mopar parts only sells the armrest in black and does not sell the leather "dye".

Please save my sanity and my marriage.

Does ANYONE know what the actual color is for the armrests?

Thanks very much!

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