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Need load leveling shocks....

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Someone else put the quote below in a thread about the HID lights, and I am wondering if anyone knows if these rear shocks are available yet? I would like to retrofit them asap since I am doing road trips right now while towing....

Actually the towing is not the problem since I have such a low tongue weight(motorcycle trailer), it seems like the real problem is when you load the trunk with luggage, the rear really sags. Looks crappy and greatly reduces my rear ground clearance when I have the ball mount adapter (Mopar parts) installed....


An excerpt from the 300 service manual:

"This vehicle is available with either standard gascharged
shock absorbers or Nivomat™ load-leveling
shock absorbers for the rear suspension. Depending
on options, the load-leveling shock absorbers may
either be standard or optional equipment.
On the exterior, the load-leveling shock absorbers (1)
are larger in diameter than the standard shock absorbers.
Each load-leveling shock absorber is a self-leveling,
self-contained vehicle leveling system and shock
absorber combined. It does not require any external
compressor, hoses, or height leveling sensors. When
cargo or passengers are added, the load-leveling
shock absorbers use normal ride motions during driving,
even on smooth roads, to raise the rear of the
vehicle automatically to the unloaded (or curb) height.
When the load is removed, the vehicle maintains this
rear ride height."
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Did some calling around to the people that make Novimat. They said that it will take a year before they sell them to public for this car since it is so new. And that they cost about $250 each from aftermarket (around $600 each when bought through a dealer). And that the only other change is that you have to put much softer springs in the car which would most likely have to come from Chyrsler....
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