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New Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition Released!

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Just Picked this up off the net -

A tricked out Red 300C from the factory!

Feast your eyes:

Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition Released!
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NR thanks for the interesting post. Sharp looking car for sure. I was wondering how it was going to look in the Inferno Red since that will be the next color for the SRT8. Just love a nice red car for some reason. Like the seats. If I wasn’t going for an SRT8 I would go for this baby for sure.
NDENT said:
You mean the 300c SRT8 is gonna be released in Red ? If so when is this happening. That might be one to look into getting.
Hi NDENT- I believe the release date for that new color is sometime in Feb. If I am incorrect I'm sure someone will chime in. :)
1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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