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New Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition Released!

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Just Picked this up off the net -

A tricked out Red 300C from the factory!

Feast your eyes:

Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition Released!
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Just what I want

Metallic said:
My wife is going to s**t bricks! Her SS is not even 2 months old. This is the color she really wanted but not available on the 06's. She's had a bright red Caravan then a red Vue. This red is sharper than the Lava red. Santa's in big trouble now.
Hey they read my mind! It's got the good seats from the SRT-8, the useful options for us including power pedals, and the gas mileage of the 5.7 MDS engine. I would probably get the black even though that is a pretty red.

So do I get a C now, or wait for this??
Johnny Vig said:
Steering wheel looks good, but it needs the chrome rings like the srt 8 has. It almost looks carbon-fiber esque. Looking at the theme of the car I am not sure why they would do something this sporty as opposed to sticking with a wood trim, even a dark wood like mercedes use would probably be a better choice. Just my 2 cents.
To be perfectly honest I wish my steering wheel didn't have the chrome rings. They are cold in the morning! I like the wheel in the Heritage pic better. I am thinking of getting a quality black leather cover to install over the steering wheel, as my only mod to the SRT-8!
1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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