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GS/Richwood Group is excited to announce the release of our proprietary Signature Series Heads. Over the past few months we have been working with the national record setting, head porting legend himself Joe Mondello!
Together we have developed a proprietary street/strip head that provides the best of all performance worlds without giving up the all important street reliability demanded by the enthusiast that "wants his cake and eat it to"!
This first stage of head development involved achieving max flow characteristics while maintaining velocity through an already big port head. Stock valve sizes were maintained in order to keep a quiet valve train while the hard hitting results were acheived through hours and hours of hand blending and flow bench work utilizing many head cores, after all successful results deem some sacrifice! Specific coatings were applied to further enhance the desired results.
The final results is a head that provides an early hard hitting flat torque curve along with horsepower that yields early acceleration and is maintained well into the upper rpm range.
The dyno test was conducted on 3/9/08 using California 91 octane, a 2008 SRT8 Jeep with the original factory installed stock 6.1 engine. The test mule had previously been CMR dyno tuned and produced 371hp/386tq. This test utilized Kooks headers with catalytic converters but the stock camshaft was retained. Since this application would see nitrous, and eventually the I-Charger, the headers would yield maximum benefit of the exhaust porting and coatings. Mondello told us we would be killing the heads with the factory manifolds. The results can be seen in the dyno chart below. Previous power curve climbed peaked and dropped, this chart clearly shows a freight train like torque curve and horspower that continues through the upper rpm.
So if your looking for quiet, reliable hard hitting torque and horsepower give us a call for your set of GS/Mondello Signature heads.

Signature head with serial number

Manley polished springs set to GS/Mondello specifications

Diamond lapped and coated chambers

Coated and ported exhaust port
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