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New LED Dome Lights with PICS (Moved)

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Hello all, this may be a little corny to some, but I love the new look much better than the old. You can see by the pictures below that the LED bright white are very clear and bright compared to the almose yellow stock lights.

By the way, they were $16.95 plus shipping and I got 2 sets on accident. I thought they were $16.95 each, and they were actually $16.95 for a pair I asked for 2 and got 2 pair. SOOOOOOO, if anyone would like a set, please let me know on PM $18.00 shipped. If not, I will send them back.

Let me know what you think!



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huge huge improvement...i think stock they are way dull and have notcied that before....i ordered some ;-)
bought the same exact lights...only one worked, and the other is dull as the day is long. geeez. i need to leave well enough alone sometimes.
jaydee said:
There's a price to pay for "stepping out"
Hey at least you got the right lights- I got a set of lights that I never ordered- Had to send em back .


i got em both in now and working! they sure look blue though, and not very bright. wierd, maybe i got the wrong bulbs as well?
eudaman said:
i got em both in now and working! they sure look blue though, and not very bright. wierd, maybe i got the wrong bulbs as well?
replying to my own post, nice... :)

anyway, am i suppose to aim the leds to point down or up? i have em pointing down, maybe up would reflect more off the top or am i right pointng em down?
moddog said:
I got mine in and I had to leave the heat shield out to get more light. At first they where dull but after starting the car they got brighter but still not as bright as factory.
hmmm, yet HEMI4ME?'s lights are as bright as can be? maybe we got the wrong lights?
Peter said:
I installed my LED lights in my interior about 5 min ago, and i would have to agree that they are rather odd. Just like Jaydee said, they are dimming in some positions, and very bright in others. I took out the reflector and it helped a little bit, but it is noticable. During the day time (around 4:00 here) they almost look purple/blacklight. Oh well, cheap mod and looks pretty cool.
I'll post pics tomorrow.
when i took out the reflectors, the LED was way brighter and happy now with this mod, and want to replace the rest of the interior lights.
1 - 6 of 171 Posts
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