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New LED Dome Lights with PICS (Moved)

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Hello all, this may be a little corny to some, but I love the new look much better than the old. You can see by the pictures below that the LED bright white are very clear and bright compared to the almose yellow stock lights.

By the way, they were $16.95 plus shipping and I got 2 sets on accident. I thought they were $16.95 each, and they were actually $16.95 for a pair I asked for 2 and got 2 pair. SOOOOOOO, if anyone would like a set, please let me know on PM $18.00 shipped. If not, I will send them back.

Let me know what you think!



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20 people looked, 4 PMd me, and only one comment :AR15firin you guys.

Ok Ok Ok

I will give the link, even though no one will leave a comment. Here ya go, and when you order them it says $16.95 this is for 2, do not ask for 2 because you will get 4.

Oh yah, and I bought the white, not the blue...
I did my part for the fronts, now who wants to check on the replacements for the under front door, and the rear? LOL

I will do some checking and see if they make them.

Cheaper site $6.99 each, and bulb # 562 is for the front doors underneath. I am still working on the rear lights, the bulb is W5W for those.

Edit the W5W = #501
The 562 is the 44mm rigid loop festoon.

The W5W is the 194 bulb here:

I am going to call these guys just to be sure, but here is an email that I got from them...

The #578 is what I used for sure in the front top. The others I am going to assume he is correct, but I will call to verify before I order the others.
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I got my front lights at this site.

They are bulb # 578

If you wan the front under the door they are #The 562 is the 44mm rigid loop festoon. Here is a link on the other site for them.

The last bulb is for the rear near the oh shi& handles and that is a 194 bulb. located here.

There are many choices for the 194 bulb. I went with the multi led one that has lights going in many directions.

I hope this helps sorry for the confusion...
hmmmmm, not sure I am feeling the reds. I bought them because I saw them on a import at night at a car show get together and they looked cool. Maybe once I see the pics of the red I will like them better.

Please post them when you get em.
Another suggestion same part # for the front door will fit in the trunk light as well :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
The lights were sold last night all... Thanks Classy

The reds I did not see, the whites are the ones I saw, and I loved em.

Insert a scre driver up between the front of the lens (the side closest to you where you normally push up to click the light on and off) and the lens will bend a little and you will expose a clear plastic latch. Them simply pull down on the front portion of the lens that is closest to the windshield. There is a small plastic hinge part that snaps off on both sides.

This took me like 2 minutes total, if you don't want to do it, I am sure a dealer will but probably charge you for it!

The rears are easy same thing jam a screwdriver up there and wedge the lens out!

The bulb actually looks and fits like a fuse.
NO, the 194 will not fit the overhead lights...

The light that goes there is the #578 bulb. It looks like a glass fuse used in car audio installs for power wire.
We shall all find out soon enough. I honestly doubt there would be so many sites and so many people buying them if they stopped working. I dont think these will get enough use to wear out quickly. I will let you know if I have any issues!
Sorry, I am done with my part on this one...

Anyone else? They are all above though. :wave:
lennoxavesosa said:
matt and peter.....thanks guys!

i still need to find out what the bulb type is for the license plate lights, as one of mine are out and its killing me!
Whatever you do, don't open up your manual. :wink1:

I found this post I made from 2 years ago, found all the bulb info and bought them for my new LX!

2006 SRT...

Much better lighting now!!!
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