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New LED Dome Lights with PICS (Moved)

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Hello all, this may be a little corny to some, but I love the new look much better than the old. You can see by the pictures below that the LED bright white are very clear and bright compared to the almose yellow stock lights.

By the way, they were $16.95 plus shipping and I got 2 sets on accident. I thought they were $16.95 each, and they were actually $16.95 for a pair I asked for 2 and got 2 pair. SOOOOOOO, if anyone would like a set, please let me know on PM $18.00 shipped. If not, I will send them back.

Let me know what you think!



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Those aren't corny, they're pretty cool!!! IMO :cool: :cool:
The stock light are so weak! This upgrade is a must!!!
HEMI4ME? said:
The lights were sold last night all... Thanks Classy

The reds I did not see, the whites are the ones I saw, and I loved em.
No, Thank you!!! Great job finding the bulbs for the rest of the car

ClassyC :biggrin:
Does anyone know what LED bulb replaces the trunk light and what are the LED bulbs for the vanity visor lights. Visor lights are the only old lights I haven't replaced in the interior. I went with the super white color and it really set off the interior giving it that high end car look, that is, until someone opens the visor and that ugly yellow light comes on. The manual says the bulb is an A6220 but I haven't been able to find the bulb on any site(sites are kinda confusing) If anyone has replaced these bulbs which did you use for the visor and/or trunk light?
1 - 4 of 171 Posts
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