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New Mopar CAI Installed with Pics (engine cover too)

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I know there are only a thousand of these posts... Background for those thining about this mod or and exhaust. I had the Magnaflows installed had them for a couple days. When you start the car it sounded mean in a good way. When I was on throttle again very mean and not to obnoxious. BUT, when keeping speed, let's say 2K rpm and 40 mph it was not to my liking at all. It made me look at the car in a different way.

Now, to the Mopar CAI. The sound is amazing. It is not too loud, not too soft. It is barely noticable while keeping speed but very nice sounding when on throttle. I can say it was very much worth it, and took maybe 30 minutes to install (part of that was changing the headlight bulbs as well). The only bummer there was one double sided bolt that mounts the tube to the heat shield and it was double sided. One to hold it to the shield and another bolt to hold the tube to the bolt. They included 2 nuts. They were both the wrong size. Not even close. They fit over the threads completely. LUCKILY I had a bunch of bolts and 2 that fit or I would have been very pissy.

Here are some pics, and check the engine cover too.. It is a color change paint from purple to blue to green and even a little burgundy.


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Why removed?

Am very curious about what problem you had with the Magnaflow and why you removed it.

Also I called my dealer and he said they won't install any aftermarket stuff. I didn't get a chance to ask if they felt a new exhaust system voided the warranty (it better not!) and it's odd that they'll install Mopar stuff... isnt' that considered aftermarket?

Any thoughts on the difference between Borla and Magnaflow?

And did you return it? Are there places where you can do that?

The reason I returned it was due to the sound when just on throttle enough to keep speed (like 40 pmh). It was so annoying to me. 98% of the people who add the exhaust will love it I do not doubt that. I was just not one of them.
Well, I might have the same result. One of the reasons I got this car was because I do a lot of travel and spend most of that time on the phone (uconnect) conducting business - and made sure the car's "quiet rating" was a good one. I wonder if it will be annoying to me as well...

I should find a muffler guy who is willing to take them back...
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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