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I had to have my PCM replaced in my 2006 SRT-8.

The good and bad.

1. The good part. The engine now has excellent engine braking. Before it was very hard to slow down the SRT-8 using the engine. Now when you downshift to 1-4th gear the throttle body will gradually kick in full closed position after 5-6 seconds of coasting. I'm very happy about this as I can drive down mountain passes without braking now. The engine braking is now about triple what it was. It would be nice to cut out the 5-6 second delay all together.

2. The 1-2nd gear WOT shift point is about 150 RPM lower now. 2-3rd is about 100 RPM lower. Overall this made my SRT-8 about .1 second slower at the track. It seems the new PCM has the first/second shift hesitation TSB already installed.
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