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New Sub Enclosure Under Rear Deck W/ JL 8W7 Woofer PICS

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Hello all, I have most of my system done, I still need to get a JL 450.4 to run the top end - if anyone has one to sell please PM me!

I had Soundwerks on Bell Rd build a new sub encosure (not free air) with one JL Audio 8W7 woofer under the rear deck. From the back the box hangs down (sub is huge and takes 1 cubic foot box) under the place where the factory sub once was. I have a 500.1 JL amp running it and the thing pounds (for an 8" I mean). There is no rattling which was a must for me, and the box was make of 3/4" MDF. I will be adding a amp rack as soon as I replace the ADS amp I have with a new JL amp.

The rear deck had to be cut out larger for the sub and also the rear deck cover was cut to accomodate the throw of the subwoofer. This thing really moves (the surround is huge and the excursion is rediculous) and when the first istalled the enclosure it was moving the rear deck cover. They need to finish it up by adding some grille cloth back there, but I was thinking of glassing it in. and painting it to match.

Here are a few pics.

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Im sure ill get in trouble for critisizing, but that looks a little out of place hanging down there, why didnt you just run a sealed box in the trunk behind the seats?
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