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I'm looking at getting a 300C for my daily commute around the outskirts of London and for when I travel back to see family in East Midlands.

I have been to look at a 2008 (Facelift) CRD with sat nav, sun roof, heated seats etc etc

It has 96,000 on the clock with full service history.
3 owners.
1 year warranty.

I have had a quick look around it and the body and alloys are in good condition. The tyres have 6-7mm all round.

Looked under the bonnet and everything looks clean and tidy.

I didn't have time to take the cover off to check the colour of the seal, but when I go back tonight or tomorrow, am I just checking for a black seal?

And to ease my worries about anything happening swirl motor wise, is it really as easy as fitting a 50p fitting from Maplins? And a catch can for good measure?

I noticed the drivers seat had a bit of play in it, it like leant backwards, I assume this just needs the frame tightening?

Is there anything else I should be looking for?
Ive been offered it at £6500, does this seem like a good price?

Thanks for any help and advise.

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Seems like a good price to me especially with a 12 month warranty. I,m surprised the alloys are good cos the 300c,s suffer from alloy problems. Wonder if theyve just had a quick spray over ?

Front suspension problems are common on high mileage cars so pay attention to any rsttles and cluncks from the front end on a test drive. All reparable but can be expensive for parts and fitting.
Parking brakes sometimes have all sorts of different problems.

I assume the 12 month warrant will be very limited. I,m not trying to put you off buying it because at that pricecits a lot of car for the money.

Is it a genuine facelift with Mygig sound system and a hard drive fitted ? They dont normally have sunroofs fitted.

No need to worry about the swirl anymore. Simple job as long as the flaps fail in the correct pojsition
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