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Hi one and all

As per thread title . . . I'm new here - my current car is coming up for a change (2.0ltr diesel Jaguar X-Type with over 200k on the clock)

And I keep coming back to the 300CRD as a possible replacement

Looking at various YouTube vids "day to day" fixes and repairs seem a lot more straight forward than on the Jag . . . not that I'd do them, of course, I simply put it in "the shop" to be fixed - but who knows

I'd almost certainly be looking at the early, Merc engined model and looking at various on-line car selling sites they seem to be able to take high'ish mileage without any major problems

Parts don't look stupidly expensive

So apart from "prejudice" against American style cars what are the things to look out for

Thanks in advance


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Not going to try to persuade you to avoid a 300, you're in the wrong place for that. Most people on the forum here are supporters.

If you're thinking an older car then you might know there was a Gen 1 facelift in 2008. Main differences:
  • Grey (pre 2008) vs black (in my view much nicer) interior, much more European
  • Boot spoiler with integral brake light (on facelift)
Through the years the nav unit was improved but by today's standards it's old now.
Also you have really two main model choices the normal CRD and the SRT design (which came with bucket seats and nicer exterior bits and pieces) plus 20" wheels. Occasionally you can find one with a sunroof if that's important to you. And then there's the estate - that's a big vehicle!

Engines and boxes are pretty good with a few well known issues. There were upgrades to the turbo piping which helps avoid the swirl motor issue and a cover for the alternator which is right underneath the oil filler. Early Nag 1 boxes suffered from an oil seal leak but that's probably been fixed by now and check the airbag recalls have been done.

Serviced properly the OM642 engine is usually good for many miles. when you find one you like check all the electrics, that can be an area of weakness on some cars.

The front suspension is really the main weak link, it clunks and bangs as the bushes and ball joints wear, usually every 50,000 miles or so. You can get upgraded parts but it's not too major a job (I did mine a couple of times on my old 2008) and spares can be had from a number of places including a site sponsor the Custom300cshop: Link

Quite a few of us on here have owned a number of 300's. I'm on my third having recently moved up to a 2nd Gen CRD

Definitely a rare but great vehicle, I've never regretted buying mine

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Sorry, should have got back to your response earlier - thanks for the info

Well, I suppose, sort of, the "good news" is the Jag's smoking problem was sorted cheaply so the need for an immediate solution is gone

Having spent a fair bit of time thinking about them, and having gone and to have a look at a couple of 300s locally, I'll admit to being taken by them, so I wouldn't be surprised if one did appear on my parking space at some time

So until that day comes, I'll probably be a bit of a lurker on this forum

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Hi J_G I got the 300c bug a few years ago when my Turkish mate bought one 57 plate with 110,000miles and we came back up from Turkey in 2 1/2days with 10 hrs waiting in Greece for a ferry and it was 3 up and full and returned 39-43mpg so now I have 2010 300c crd touring + just got a 300c hemi 5.7 both good mpg so use them daily.

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Right, this 300 "thing" isn't going away any time soon

There's one been advertised quite close to where I live and it would've be rude to not swing by on the way home from work to, at the very least, have a quick look-see

Except that whilst it was listed as being for sale - it wasn't actually "on the lot" it was away at a garage having its swirl "things" fixed - and was being fixed for coming up to three weeks :eek:

This morning found me at a bit of a loose end so I thought I'd pop over to the lot to see if was back from the menders - which it was, so that was nice

The car in question is an '07, so, let's see if I've got this right - it doesn't have the nicer "black" interior trim

All things considered though, it appeared to be in nice condition - there's a bit of corrosion on the alloys but overall seemed worth a quick test drive

This is the first time I've driven a 300 and I was pleasantly surprised - nowhere near as "wallowy" as I was expecting

Now some questions to ask of you chaps please

I'm aware of certain "weaknesses" in the front suspension department and, compared to my Jag, there was some light "rumbling" coming from the front . . . maybe "bearings"?? - I'm not too stressed about this tbh

What I was concerned about was a VERY LUMPY KICK DOWN

Now I didn't drive it like a [email protected] but I wasn't driving it like a little old granny either, and my experience of autos has been as follow:

Driving along at, say 30mph in whatever gear the gearbox decides is best

Floor it - gearbox goes down one, maybe two gears - car accelerates - keep accelerator hard'ish down - car changes up "firmly" through the gears - ease off acceleration - car settles

This one was fine up until the bold bit, it then started juddering, quite violently really

Again, your thoughts chaps - at that moment I was walking away from this one - I did mention to the salesman when I took it back - he immediately went out and was able to duplicate the symptoms - so not just me then

Sounds like the car is going back into the shop for another fix
  • So that's Swirl things fixed / by-passed - is this a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing?
  • Some corrosion on the alloys - cosmetic and annoying
  • Transmission problem
  • And the chrome grill is starting to flake - but that looks a pretty straight forward "fix"
Worth pursuing still once transmission fixed or walk away
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