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New TSB: A/C Cooling Coil Odor (300 and Magnum)

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TSB#: 21-013-05

Date: Aug 04, 2005

Subject: A/C Cooling Coil Odor

Models: 2005-2006 300 and Magnum (+ many other DCX vehicles 1993-2006)

Overview: This bulletin involves inspecting for leaves and other foreign material, cleaning, and treating the cooling coil and housing.

Symptom/Condition: Some vehicle operators may experience a musty odor from the A/C system, primarily at start up in hot and humid climates. This odor may be the result of microbial growth on the cooling coil. During normal A/C system operation, condensation forms in and around the A/C cooling coil. When airborne pollutants mix with this condensation, bacteria and fungi growth begins and odor results.

Diagnosis: If the operator describes, or the technician experiences a musty odor when operating the A/C system, perform the appropriate Repair Procedure based on the vehicle model.


Note: This TSB involves extensive procedures too long to list here, the bulletin is 11-pages long. If you need a copy of the bulletin PM me your email address.
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BG Frigi-Clean is a product used to fix this on many cars. Available at specialty A/C repair shops. I've looked a several chain repair shops, that also do A/C services, but none here carry the product or offer the service. My 300M has this smell and I wanted to get it cleaned. It's a foam that's injected into the system and cleans the evap coil to eliminate the problem.
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