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New TSB: A/C Cooling Coil Odor (300 and Magnum)

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TSB#: 21-013-05

Date: Aug 04, 2005

Subject: A/C Cooling Coil Odor

Models: 2005-2006 300 and Magnum (+ many other DCX vehicles 1993-2006)

Overview: This bulletin involves inspecting for leaves and other foreign material, cleaning, and treating the cooling coil and housing.

Symptom/Condition: Some vehicle operators may experience a musty odor from the A/C system, primarily at start up in hot and humid climates. This odor may be the result of microbial growth on the cooling coil. During normal A/C system operation, condensation forms in and around the A/C cooling coil. When airborne pollutants mix with this condensation, bacteria and fungi growth begins and odor results.

Diagnosis: If the operator describes, or the technician experiences a musty odor when operating the A/C system, perform the appropriate Repair Procedure based on the vehicle model.


Note: This TSB involves extensive procedures too long to list here, the bulletin is 11-pages long. If you need a copy of the bulletin PM me your email address.
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The problem described seems to be a feature of Hondas. My wife's Prelude did this and the dealer had no fix for it over the years we owned the car. When we were in Miami last year we got an Accord rental and that had the smell and even fogged the windows when it was started after standing for a while. A work collegue has a new CRV and he reckons his is bad too. So much for Honda technology.
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