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TSB#: 19-002-06

Date: February 16, 2006

Subject: Moan/Groan Sound Heard At Idle

Models: 2005-2006 LX (300/Charger/Magnum) and 2006 LE international models

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicle equipped with a 3.5L Engine (Sales Code EGG).

Overview: This bulletin involves installing a revised power steering pressure line clip.

Symptom/Condition: Moan/Groan sound heard while turning the steering wheel right or left when the vehicle is at normal operating temperature and the engine is at idle speed.

Diagnosis: With the vehicle at normal operating temperature and the engine at idle speed (600 rpm), turn the steering wheel 90° right and left with the A/C on. Turn the A/C off and repeat turning the steering wheel, if the moan/groan sound is present with the A/C off perform the Repair Procedure. If the moan/groan sound is NOT present with the A/C OFF, this bulletin does not apply and further diagnosis is required.

To download a copy of the TSB in PDF format see the master listing sticky thread:
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